The Musing Mustard

Welcome! My name is Ashley Mustard Moore, and I am the maker behind all the products on this site. I am a mother to two beautiful children. I (really do) love long walks on the beach and reading good books! 

I fell in love with quilting at the age of 13 when I participated in a project with the other girls at my church to make several baby quilts for donation. Now, I hand stitch as a form of therapy; my anxieties melt away as I stitch and slow down.

I create entirely hand-stitched quilts that are as beautiful as they are functional. Every Musing Mustard quilt is a work of love and each is truly unique.

Made to be a space for your child to play on the floor as an infant, to be a soure of warmth and comfort when they sleep*, where they cuddle with mom or dad to read or be held when they are sick, I want my quilts to represent a place of safety and peace and warmth for your child. 

I hope you will feel the same peace and stillness of the moments we treasure most with our littles that I feel when I set each stitch.

I hope that you will feel the same joy in the beauty and creativity of this functional art that I feel as I create it.

I treasure the moments I get to stitch; may you treasure the moments you get to spend with this quilt; may this become a loved piece of your life and an heirloom to pass on, a legacy of memories and love from one generation to the next.

Thanks for being here! 

*please note that the AAP’s recommendation for safe sleep is that babies have a sleep space free of loose blankets and other soft items for the first year of their life