About The Musing Mustard

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Welcome! My name is Ashley Mustard Moore, and I am the crafter behind all the products on this site. I am a stay at home mother to a beautiful little boy and a budding entreprenuer out of Utah. 

I fell in love with quilting at the age of 13 when I participated in a project with the other girls at my church to make several baby quilts for donation. Since then, I have continued to hone my skills, learning new tricks and techniques and falling more deeply in love with this art with each new quilt I make! 


Baby Quilts: 

That time with your precious little one goes by all too quickly! I create entirely hand-stitched quilts that are as beautiful as they are functional. Every Musing Mustard quilt is a work of love and each is truly unique. Made for snuggling up, sleeping under and playing on, your quilt will come to represent a space of safety, warmth and love. I hope that your quilt will be an heirloom to pass on, treasuring up a legacy of memories and love from one generation to the next.